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Your journey awaits.

With new Geneology techniques we

can trace our history in the blink of an eye.


Don't get left behind! Get insights from your DNA today.

Hi, we're Rooted. We're all about the holistic experience of identity. Part science, part insight, and a little bit of culture go a long way. We're not just here to feed you stats, we're here to help you find your foundation. 

Things take an unexpected turn when a young man's unusual DNA results are accompanied by a mysterious mask allowing him to see into the slave dungeon of his African ancestors.

Check out 'informational' for more info.


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On Set


History's knocking, will you answer the call?

The family tree can be an emotional climb. Don't worry we got you every step of the way.

Meet Our Staff

We all came from somewhere. Our roots run far and wide. So what are you waiting for? Our esteemed staff is standing by. Step into your past and we'll help you discover a world you never knew. Get rooted. Stay rooted.

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